LED Lighting

The team at Blanchard Electrical are here to assist in the upgrade from the power hungry halogen lighting to LED in your home or business.

Is your power bill too high?  Are you sick of getting your lights repaired? We are passionate about helping you reduce your monthly bill, achieve you’re aesthetic goals whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Did you know?

  • You can save on average 89Kwh a year per fitting
  • On Average $25 per year, per fitting
  • LEDs can pay for themselves in 2 years

(Based on standard halogen globes)

LED upgrade specials

  • $49 – Supply and install existing fittings (including removal of old fittings)
  • $89 – Supply and install new fitting

LED lighting has some great benefits:

  • Improve the quality of your lighting
  • Save money on power bills and reduce carbon footprint
  • LED lights last a long time

LED lights are super energy efficient using approximately 85% less energy than incandescent and halogen lighting. This means they can pay for themselves and even save you money long term. Not only that, you can often end up with a far better lighting solution and less need to replace them over time.

A qualified and experienced electrician is usually the best way to assist in the upgrade from the power hungry lighting to LED in your home or business.

How a licensed electrician can help:

  • Selection of LEDs: Colour, Intensity and Dimmability to ensure the best outcome
  • Reduce costs: Often an electrician can get access to better prices and will keep quality high at the same time.
  • Safety:  In Australia, you will almost always need an electrician to instal your lights for legal, insurance and safety reasons.


  • How much does it cost to instal LED lighting?

To give you an idea, each year we run a promotion to replace LED downlights starting at $49 to Supply and install existing fittings (including removal of old fittings). If you have no fittings $89 – Supply and install new fitting.

When you call, ask us if this promotion is running but even if it is not we are sure to be able to provide you with a competitive price. 

  • What are the savings of LED lighting?

We calculated on our residential services page that in a typical 3 bedroom house you could save $752 / year or $3760 over five years if you replaced twenty 50W halogen lights with 7W LED lights. 

This means you could pay for your improved lighting in less than two years!

  • What are the different types of LED lighting?

LED lighting comes in pretty much every form imaginable. Every type of fitting, shape, colour and intensity can be achieved. 

Dimmable: LED lighting can be dimmable although dimmer switches and the LED lighting itself needs to be specifically designed for this purpose.

Colour: The light emitted by normal LED bulbs comes in three different varieties which are: Warm white, Cool white and Daylight.

In general “warm white” is most like halogen pot lights, “cool white” is like fluorescent lighting you find in offices and “daylight” is a very white light which can be great for bringing out real colours.

  • Can I replace my existing lighting with LEDs?

Absolutely. Due to the different power requirements though, changes may need to be made to create the solution you want based on your preferences and budget.